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Monday, February 3, 2014 | 9:40 AM | 0 Atasinchi



Yeah,i'm getting older as well as im turning 19teen,whoot whoot woot. Iyyem getting older babeh!! I just wishing to be more prettier,hakkks. Just kidding, im just wanna be a good daughter and achieved all my goal and dream as what I plan for.

          Thank a lots to all my friends, for the wishes and present! lap u all guys, it okay this time i not celebrating with my family as well as you guys with me,sorry for those kind of irritating and annoying act,This is the most awesome and meaningful celebrate for mehh. I dedicate the special thank to odah aka minah omputih ajet whos never give up on fulfill my dream haks. Thanks to sha coz do something that unexpected thing, i celebrating my birthday on 11.50pm on the 11th of january you guys just time it well babe. 😉 And sorry for those that are not in the picture and im not mention it, but you guys still be in my heart- xoxo.

                                       thanks sha and odah love u too the moon and back,😚

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