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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 7:02 AM | 0 Atasinchi

Assalammualikum w.b.t

#Newjourney??i think all of you wonder okeyh i wanna to make it clear so all of you would not wondering anymore.Alhamdulilah i got my offer from college Matriculation Selangor(KMS).At first day i knew i'm very very happy.Surely i'm jump at that moment #happy#speechless#excited.Zaty told me that i got there,i'm not believe him i think it a joke.Then i check by myself.At least i knew she not joking with me and she so caring toward me.#LoveYouZaty.

After a few days,i begin to worry thinking about everything that make me cannot sleep arghhh! i'm thinking about food,friends,how my study going there,how i gonna wake up at early in the morning,how about lifestyle in hostel,how this how that everyting,everyday,everywhere all this will stuck on my head.Until one day i tell what i feel to my friend,Alhamdulilah i got a friend who always support me,give me motivation.She told me maybe behind all this Allah had put a good plan for me and for #us.I accept it willingly,or maybe it the best for me.Thank amalmalyn for the advice.
I said to one of  my friend that banting is"cerok",he told me that banting is not "cerok"as i thought,it had many facilities,shopping complex there.I'm sorry to all the people who live in BANTING,i'm so so sorry because i'm never get there before this,maybe i stay there i will fall in love with banting who knows,right.Furthermore,thank you to my friend because he open my eye about Banting.I owe you alot dude. 

To all the batch'95 goodluck and all the best on what you're doing.Remember Allah beside us,I hope one day we'll meet again.InshaaAllah.welcome to lifestyle university,hope it much fun for us.#PrayForMe#PrayForUs  #goodluckBatch'95#Newlife#NewFriend#NewjourneyBEGIN HERE.


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