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Sunday, December 2, 2012 | 5:44 AM | 0 Atasinchi

            Hello guys,how are you.I hope all of you in the pink of health.Dear readder today i wanna to talk some sensitive issue,about the politics issue as we all know on this day,people are like busy talk about the politics,YESS,politics are important for our economy,without politics we don feel safe as we feel today.I don blame politics but i blame people who involved in politics,I can see that they fight each other.

           I as a MUSLIM wonder why should ISLAM people should fight each other,PLEASE stop these,i cannot stand this thing because I don want you to fight anymore.I don deserve to speak about this to public,i just an ordinary girl,but i born as a MUSLIM,dan saya takmahu saudara ISLAM saya bergaduh hanya kerana perkara kecil sebegini.Bukan saya hendak menafikan politik ini nonsense tapi saya akui politik ini penting untuk pembanggunan,dan dapat menjaga keamanan.

          JUST think,orang luar sedang bersorak dekat kita,tolanglah kita ini hidup dalam negara ISLAM,negara luar senang nak masuk jika pergaduhan berlaku.Apa salahnya,jika kita berganding bahu untuk membanggunkan negara kita,ketepikan semua ego dan sama-sama kita jalankan tugas nih.

         I just write what i see,i just write what i feel,i just write what had happen to surrounding,and the most important thing i write because of ALLAH.Please open your eye widely.

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