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Monday, January 21, 2013 | 2:27 AM | 0 Atasinchi
Assalammualaikum w.b.t


              Alhamdulilah,syukur ke hadrat illahi kerana diberi kesempatan pada hari ini.Thank you Allah.okeh as we all know i want to dissuced a little bit.okeh i lying.You all knows as i put  a tittle at the above.Love.Many people know about love but how much of us appreciate about it.Just think in while some of us just know the meaning of Love among the people.For example:love for his/her girlfriend or boyfriend.How much knows the greatest LOVE is to love Allah.Just think for a second. 

             "If you love flowers, flowers will wither.
                         if you love the man, man would die
                    and if you love Allah it will never END.   


          I hope i will love Allah more than i love myself.or for sure more than my soul.Insyallah pray for me.And i also pray for the other muslim and i to be a better muslim from day to day.InsyaAllah.amin.You must put Allah in the first lover that you should love.I also struggling for this,I know i not good enough to speak about this,and my knowledge about Islam is not good enough.But i keep in trying to be the best.Born as a muslim not a ticket to you to know anyting about Islam.I don want to be a person just Islam in identity card only.I pray i will get hidayah from Allah and i want to find keredaan Allah.InsyaAllah.I post this thing just to share with you,
for example this word.i know people can judge me.it up to you.
"ehhh alimnya budak nih.saja nak famous la tuh"
no,not my aim for that i just want to remember me and other.I not thinking about being popular,i just write what i want to write,to always be on the right track.Yang baik datangnya dari Allah,dan yang buruk atas kelemahan saya sendiri.terima kasih kerana membaca post kali ini.      

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